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I believe every writing experience can be an energizing, creative, and gratifying adventure.




A person who uses the mind creatively to integrate diverse concepts into a coherent and compelling whole.

Donald Barker

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Owner. Editor. Writer.  

I believe every writing experience can be an energizing, creative, and gratifying adventure.

With the help of an engaged and engaging editor.

I enjoy selling my unique passion and professional services. I don't enjoy selling myself. So instead, I’ve offered key details below to help you form an intuitive first impression. And feel free to connect with me to explore any unanswered questions that you may have.

At a loss for words? Let's uncover your unique voice.

As a professional yet personable wordsmith, I want to help you surpass your communication goals by pinpointing the most impactful, authentic, and inspiring language that truly conveys the heart and soul of what you wish to share with your target audiences. Based in Calgary, Canada, I work virtually with clients from around the world who seek reliable support from a native English speaker. I can perform editing and writing services in British, Canadian, and American versions of the English language.


I will support you to optimize the readability, accuracy, flow, and impact of a wide array of digital materials, documents, and resources, including but not limited to: 

  • websites and business social pages

  • reports and plans

  • proposals and grants

  • graduate theses and academic projects

  • education and training materials

  • customer, client, or patient materials

  • evaluation surveys and questionnaires

  • articles and blog posts

  • social media posts

  • personal resumes

  • professional bios

  • presentations and scripts  

  • newsletters and email messages  

  • food menus, labels, and descriptions

It's never too early or too late to hire an editor or a writer. I will ensure your content captures the essence of who you are, the ideas you need to express, and the emotional or professional impact you wish to evoke. I'd love to hear more about your project. 

Launch your best ideas into the world. Confidently.

I will help you identify the most time-effective and cost-effective approach to establish the compelling, accurate, and authentic language you need to express your concepts with impact across a variety of digital formats or platforms. Since the onset of my many-sided career, I have supported hundreds of businesses, professionals, colleagues, collaborators, patients, and clients to create the results they desire by distilling complex concepts into fresh, accurate, useful, and engaging content.


Through my experience and credentials, I have also gained subject matter expertise in several areas that enables me to offer specialized editing services or copywriting services for particular client groups, sectors, and industries. ​​I help develop materials intended for a variety of readers, including customers, patients, program participants, students, clients, and professional, business, and technical audiences. My services enable you to: 


  • strengthen and polish your voice and tone

  • optimize accuracy, readability, and flow 

  • expand and inspire your readership

  • attract and engage your target audiences

  • build interest in what you have to offer

  • refresh the language within your materials or website

  • generate creative ideas for new or updated content 

  • breathe new life into outdated or stale wording

  • boost the impact of your presentations and scripts

  • create concise and professional documents

I am incredibly grateful for all I have learned through more than two decades of experience in various consultant, specialist, strategic, and leadership roles across diverse health, education, non-profit, and wellness environments. And now I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of navigating an entirely new professional frontier by establishing my own editing and communication consultancy. I would like to extend my appreciation to the leaders of the Self Employment Program at Momentum for their guidance and support along this journey.

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