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Health & Wellness 
As a longtime health practitioner, I know firsthand how an incorrect word, an outdated term, or an error in punctuation can pose a significant risk of losing credibility or creating confusion among your readers and audiences.

Throughout my career, I have authored and edited a variety of health and wellness materials, ranging from guidelines for inpatients who face complex conditions to

public health reports to client handouts that clearly explain medical procedures or

follow up care.

Whether you’re developing patient education materials, health promotion articles, continuing education presentations, course curriculum, evaluation surveys, journal article, or even your own resume, I would love to apply my detailed understanding of your world to help you succeed. 

"Synthesist’s resume audit service is superior compared to other resume services! Donald is truly an expert with writing resumes, cover letters, and career change support ! Donald offers insight and encouragement with your application journey. I highly recommend Donald’s services!"

Anne R.

Nature-Based Occupational Therapist

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