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Editing Process

I follow a structured yet personalized process to complete your editing project.

On time and on budget. 

01 Consult

Ask focused questions to explore and clarify your needs and goals.

I will accommodate your preferred ways of communicating as best I can. I may email you a short Editing Brief to provide key information about your project. You can then return this information by email. It can also be helpful to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to review key project details in the Editing Brief. This consultation also enables you to ask questions about my editing services and process.

02 Align

Agree upon the best strategy to strengthen the impact of your project.

If you would like me to design a personalized quote to edit your project, I will complete a test edit of a reasonable sample of your materials to form a recommendation on the type of editing and level of editing you need. If you agree with my assessment, we would then determine the number of rounds of editing and confirm the timelines to achieve your goals.

03 Edit

Amend your content to optimize readability, accuracy, mechanics, and flow.

I prefer to use 'Track Changes' and 'Comments' in a Microsoft Word document. I will insert questions, comments, or suggestions into Word documents as 'Comments' for your consideration. I will also provide a 'clean' version of Word documents without the 'Track Changes' markups to make it easier for you to visualize the edits and read and respond to all the 'Comments' callouts. If I am editing your website, I will copy and paste your content into a Word document if you have not done so already. If your project consists of page proofs, designed layouts, or typeset materials in PDF format, I generally edit by inserting 'Notes' within the document, but I can make changes within the PDF if you prefer.

04 Polish

Complete the review cycle to achieve your goals within your timelines.

I conduct two rounds of edits for all projects unless you request additional reviews due to the specific goals or complexity of your work. It is your responsibility to accept or reject all recommended changes and respond to all questions before I can complete a second review. For PDF material, you will need

to update the content and format after each round of editing. 

05 Launch

Publish or share your refreshed content to inspire your target audiences.

I will provide a 'clean' and final version of Word documents, including updated website content. For PDF materials, you will need to make the changes you approve during each round of edits to create your final content and format. 

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