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Customer Service Policy

Last updated: October 2022

My mission is to help customers communicate their best ideas with total confidence. To achieve this mission, I am committed to provide exceptional customer service by applying the following standards on a consistent basis: 


I conduct all customer interactions in a respectful, professional, confidential, and personable manner to foster collaborative, trusting, and productive relationships. I engage my curiosity, empathy, and expertise to ensure I gain a clear understanding of customer needs, concerns, and goals. 


I value my customers' time and energy as much as my own. I commit to preventing customer inconveniences, producing timely service results, and streamlining the customer experience. I optimize workflows by automating as many tasks as possible, such as online booking and payment processing. I also utilize common technological platforms and tools that enable customers to share important information electronically through preferred channels at their own convenience.


I respond to all customer communications within a reasonable timeframe with enough detail to effectively address their questions, concerns, or needs. When I am unavailable or require more time to respond, I implement a standard process to quickly inform customers of the purpose and anticipated extent of the delay.   

Innovative Problem Solving

I am highly committed to helping customers establish personalized solutions that effectively address their specific needs and issues. I am fully willing to explore, test, and add service options that fall outside my current offerings or typical protocols, so long as I am qualified to perform the required tasks competently.  

Multi-Channel Communication

I make it as easy as possible for customers to contact me through their preferred communication channels. I can respond to incoming service requests via phone, email, social media, text messaging, communication apps, or online meeting platforms. I continue to communicate with active clients through these same modalities and any additional systems that they prefer or already use. 


I uncover new opportunities to enhance, expand, and evolve my services by collecting feedback through a variety of tools that enable current, former, and potential customers to describe their changing needs and share ideas and perspectives on the types of support they require. I am also committed to resolving any issues related to the quality of my services and performance. I employ feedback methods that are convenient, appropriate, and appealing to my customers, including but not limited to: brief online surveys, online forms, personal interviews or discussions, polls during online meetings, and feedback options on my website or social media channels. 


I develop, publish, or share helpful and high-quality tools and resources on my website and social media channels to help increase customer knowledge and autonomy in key areas related to editing and writing. Many customers seek supports that empower them to resolve straightforward issues or repetitive and common problems. 


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact me at

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