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Copywriting Rates

I design a personalized quote for every writing project.

The Process

I engage in a straightforward and stepwise approach to calculate a customized quote for your writing project.

01 Consult

We meet briefly to clarify the scope, purpose, audience, stage, goals, and timelines of your project. This enables you to ensure my services are a strong fit to achieve your goals. I will try to point you to other resources that could meet your needs in the case I am not the ideal match for your project.

02 Assess

I determine the pace, effort, and expertise required to address the following key elements of your project:

  • the amount of copy

  • the level of research required to create the copy

  • the number of review cycles

  • the preferred timelines

03 Quote

I create a comprehensive quote for your project that includes:

  • a detailed description of each service that is included in the fee 

  • a high-level timeline for each stage of the work including meetings and review cycles

Guiding Principles

I follow a specific set of principles to ensure my rates represent an ethical, objective,

and accurate assessment of the value I will bring to your project.

01 Proficiency

I recommend you collaborate with a copywriter whose unique energy, skills, and philosophy best align with your goals and needs. You can gauge the  value of a copywriter through   a combination of the   following key factors:


  • training and education

  • specialized knowledge or subject matter expertise

  • relevant experience

  • willingness to customize or personalize services

  • personality and work style

02 Integrity

There is a wide range of rates, fees, skills, and integrity within the global copywriting sector. While it is a challenging role that demands a high level of soft and hard skills, I am consistently honest about my technical and creative capacity to meet your specific goals within timelines and budget. As a copywriter, much of my work is visible to the public, so I have nothing to gain by taking on projects that are outside my expertise or passion. 

03 Transparency

Although I support clients

from across the world, I

always calculate my rates in Canadian dollars to ensure

my fees integrate an honest reflection of my local

business costs, tax rates,

and expenses. Fortunately,

all foreign clients can still pay for my services in the currency

of their choice through

Stripe, the online payment processing system that I

use for invoicing.

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