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Copywriting Process

I follow a structured yet personalized process to complete your writing project.

On time and on budget. 

01 Consult

Ask focused questions to explore and clarify your needs and goals.

I will accommodate your preferred ways of communicating as best I can. I may email you a short Copywriting Brief to provide key information about your project. You can then return this information by email. It can also be helpful to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to review key project details in the Copywriting Brief. This consultation also enables you to ask questions about my copywriting services and process.

02 Align

Agree upon the best strategy to optimize the impact of your project.

I will design a personalized quote to complete your project. This quote will include a detailed description of all the work included in the project, such as research, market analysis, the number of rounds of revisions, key deliverables, responsibilities, and high-level timelines. 

03 Write

Create your content to achieve your specific goals.

I will generate a Microsoft Word document that includes your copy and a high-level summary of the information I uncover in my research and market analysis. I will also likely include 'Comments' to guide you through my approach and to highlight any questions or considerations. 

04 Polish

Complete the review cycle(s) to achieve your goals within your timelines.

I typically recommend two rounds of revisions for all writing projects unless you prefer more or less based on your budget. It is your responsibility to provide feedback, edits, and responses to questions during each review cycle. I generally include a meeting before the second review to establish stronger alignment with your expectations.

05 Launch

Publish or share your new content to inspire your target audiences.

I will provide the final version of your writing project in a Microsoft Word document. You will be responsible to format this work to meet your needs and goals. 

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