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Code of Ethics

Last updated: October 2022

This code of ethics outlines the mission, values, and behaviours that guide my day-to-day professional and business activities to 

achieve and maintain a high level of financial, social, and environmental responsibility. As a registered dietitian, I also follow the professional Code of Ethics and regulatory standards developed by the College of Dietitians of Alberta. 


Synthesist exists to help clients communicate their best ideas with confidence, accuracy, and impact. 



I am always truthful about my business practices, work capacity, professional abilities and limitations, and errors or oversights.


I build trust through responsible, respectful, open, and empathetic interactions with clients, the public, professional editing networks, consultants, and other key stakeholders. 


I welcome clients, partners, and consultants from all social, cultural, and political backgrounds to foster equitable access, support, and opportunities for my target audiences, business colleagues, and community.


I continue to seek new opportunities to develop and advance my skill set and expertise, including formal education and training, professional networking, and evaluation of my business activities.


I recognize that my business cannot succeed without client and community support. When appropriate, I express appreciation to my customers, promote the services of my partners, support other small businesses and solopreneurs, and offer in-kind services. 


I choose business activities that minimize environmental impact as much as possible, including paperless communications and banking, working from home as often as possible, and walking or using transit for work-related travel when feasible.



If you have any questions about this code of ethics, please contact me at

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