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Express Your Best Ideas.

Professional editing and copywriting services that boost

your confidence, communication, impact, and peace of mind.

So you can save time and energy to focus on what you enjoy most.


Ensuring you uncover the most compelling language to launch your greatest thoughts into the world. 

With clarity, certainty, and ease.

Whether you like it or not, communication is one of the most essential, complex, and time-consuming foundations of a successful career, business, or life. It's never as easy as simply choosing correct words. It's about crafting unique, relevant, and thought-provoking messages with purposeful language that will create an authentic and lasting impact on your audiences.


Whether you require strategic editorial or copywriting assistance, help with your resume, or just an in-depth review of an important document, I can manage all the details for you. Which means you have more energy to concentrate on what you enjoy most. I'd love to hear about your next project.  

Based on my training and experience, I specialize in editing and writing services for solo-preneurs, non-profits, charities, and businesses, academics, and practitioners who focus on health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, education, and spirituality. That said, I also collaborate across several other industries. Please don't hesitate to contact me if the focus of your work is outside my areas of subject matter expertise. 


I ensure that you communicate with total clarity by optimizing the flow, readability, accuracy, and mechanics

of your digital content.

From cumbersome to concise.

From paltry to polished.

From mediocre to meaningful. 


I engineer messages, content, and communications that attract, inform, and resonate with your customers, stakeholders, and target audiences.





 I save you time, energy, and a whole lot of anxiety when you need to develop, strengthen, target, restructure, or refresh your resume.




As a young charity focused on innovation and impact, it was critical for us to establish a robust suite of communications collateral that was engaging, informative, and would inspire meaningful change in the community.  We quickly learned that Donald's copywriting and copyediting were critical skills when crafting compelling content in a timely manner to target a variety of messages to a diverse set of stakeholders. And by diverse, I am referring to frontline agency partners, donors, social media followers, potential funders, government bodies, granting agencies, other charities,

the recipients of our program, and the general public.


Over the past year, Donald has navigated this challenge with ease and his services have freed up a massive amount of my time and energy so I can focus on fundraising, relationship building, and expanding our program. I completely trust Donald to compose language that represents our charity with a high level of integrity, authenticity, and professionalism. I highly recommend his services to any business that values the support of an engaging consultant who consistently meets deadlines, manages multiple projects seamlessly, and responds to unexpected changes effortlessly.  

Bobbi Turko, Alberta

Executive Director, I Can for Kids Foundation

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